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ADT outdoor camera on a Brownsville home
June 24, 2021

Ways To Protect Your Rental Property In Brownsville

Whether your leasing the your parents' old condo or you own a diverse rental portfolio, you know of how difficult it can be to protect a rental property in Brownsville. If vacant, your residence may be a prime target for thieves or vandals. And if you have guests, you have to be conscious of keeping people safe.

From 24/7 monitoring to smart security, here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you’re fully protecting your Brownsville rental property.

Use 24-Hour Monitoring To Secure Your Vacation Or Rental House

An effective way to prevent criminal activity at your rental is the installation of a home security system with monitoring. Your renters can sleep easy if they feel protected against prowlers, particularly if Brownsville is unknown to them. If a thief does try to break in, your advanced alarm system will alert your monitoring professionals at ADT while the high-decibel alarm alerts everyone inside. You even have the ability to receive mobile alerts if a connected security camera identifies unusual activity.

ADT smartlock on a Brownsville home

Smart Key Codes Simplify Security With New Renters

If a guest vacates your property, sometimes it's a mystery to know if they will be gone forever. If they took or copied a key, then they could potentially re-enter your home. To offset this issue, you might switch out your locks each time a lease ends or utilize smart keypad locks with your home’s security. With smart locks, you can allocate each occupant their own code number that will expire when they vacate the property. In the event renters return and attempt to use their outdated code, you will receive a notification sent to your phone.

Automation Protects Your Rental Property In Brownsville -- Even When You’re Not Home

When you have a rental or vacation home in Brownsville, you need to ensure it’s protected, including when it’s not occupied. An effective way to do this is to make it look like there's someone home. By integrating your advanced home security with automated features like lighting, entertainment systems, and climate control, your home will always appear occupied. Preset your lighting to come on at different times of the night and play music for a few hours, and a curious prowler will second-guess their intentions. By using home automation with your security system, you have the ability to schedule components through a mobile security app.

Protecting Your Rental Property In Brownsville Is Easier With A Security System

The advantages of a home security system for rental owners are countless: 24-hour monitoring, convenient automation, and smart locks with key codes are only the beginning. Reach out to Secure24 Alarm Systems and our experts will assist you in creating an ADT protection plan that makes sense for your rental. Phone (956) 291-4473 or complete the form on this page to request service.