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September 09, 2021

Are Smart Locks Worth It In Brownsville

Do you often think about upgrading your home’s locks? Of course, you could go the standard path and install a reinforced deadbolt, or you might elect to go a different direction with a push-button keypad. However, if you seek the latest in technology, you should install a smart lock that has the ability to connect with your home security system.

The question is: Are smart locks worth it in Brownsville? Or will you be squandering your cash on unnecessarily complex gadgets?

Key Locks Compared to Smart Locks in Brownsville

When it comes to locking systems, there are various possibilities. With that in mind, you will discover most doors are made secure by either a deadbolt and handle lock combination, a keypad system, or a smart locking system. Engage an ordinary deadbolt, and a metal bolt extends into a strike plate which is connected to your door frame. The bolts can be a door handle lock that’s operated via a spring, which means the door is more difficult to break open with a a crowbar or other device. If you don't want to fiddle around with a traditional keyed lock, you have the option of getting a touch-pad solution that activates the bolt with the use of a 3- or 4-number code.

Smart locks are interlinked systems that serve as a modern substitution for your standard handle and deadbolt locks. In the same fashion as a keypad unit, you enter a numerical PIN to open the door. But when you utilize a smart lock, you will be able to connect to your property’s wireless network or home security system to add even more features. With the help of a simple mobile app, you are given the chance to:

● Remotely lock and unlock your door

● Create customized keycodes for family members and friends

● Get text alerts if your door is unlocked

● Create limited-time key codes for visitors

When Are Smart Locks Worth It In Brownsville?

If you are considering the addition of a single or maybe two smart locks as substitutes for traditional locking systems, you might be undecided on whether they are worth the effort. It would be convenient to operate your locks from work, but it really depends on the make or model of how well they work. If you go with a stand-alone unit, ensure that your smart lock utilizes up-to-date encryption and is operated with a cell phone app that is updated often.

However, the true power in a smart locking system is found when integrating it with your home security system. Now you can make your locks communicate with other security devices to increase your safety and make your life easier. For example, if your doorbell camera identifies a visitor proceeding toward your front porch, your smart locks are able to lock without you taking any action. Or set geotracking on your security system mobile app and have your doors automatically unlock when you approach in your car. You may even want to program an alarm to sound if a guest tries to punch in an invalid code numerous times.

When you weigh the benefits, a smart lock is worth it in Brownsville if you incorporate it to your overall home security!

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